Midwest Veterinary Laboratory (MVL) opened the doors in March of 2019 with the purpose of ensuring accurate and quality animal health testing with excellent customer service at cost-effective prices. Following the success of MVL, we were afforded the opportunity to expand into the central Florida region in early 2022.

MVL is a full service veterinary reference laboratory with the ability to service large and small animal practices as well as avian, reptile and exotic samples. At MVL we understand the need for rapid yet reliable results with the prompt and efficient courier services provided, we can ensure quick turnarounds on test results.

Since we are a small business reference lab, we take great pride in being able to work with each individual clinic to meet their needs, as well as maintaining effective communication with our on-site lab technicians that personally handled your samples. Our forward-thinking management allows for MVL to sustain a high level of understanding of the continuously evolving veterinary practices. We are continuously exploring opportunities for advancement in the latest technology and adding new testing to our lineup of in-house offerings.


MVL provides internal medicine consultation, pathology, and clinical pathology consultation. Contact MVL (314) 942-3333 for additional information regarding consultations or to setup a consult on any lab testing performed at MVL.


Contact MVL for tubes, forms as needed for specimen submissions to our laboratory. Your hospital may request supplies by filling out our supply request form or submitting it to MVL via courier or fax (314) 942-3332.


MVL provides morning, afternoon, and evening pick up options. We will work with your hospital to determine the best pick up times for your hospital’s testing needs.

Reporting of Results

Results are reported and made available as soon as completed. Results are available via fax, email or online. Please contact the lab to set up online access to results. Reference intervals are provided on reports when available.

Professional Courtesy

MVL is pleased to provide reduced testing fees for veterinarians and hospital employees at a reduction of 50% off list price for any testing performed at MVL. Testing not performed at MVL will be billed at list price.

Cancellation Policy

Test may be cancelled up to the time of analysis. Once analysis has begun the test cannot be cancelled.

MVL operates 6 days per week. Sunday pickup/courier service is available but it must be pre-arranged.

Note that any tests submitted after Noon on Thursday will not be sent out until Monday; this may cause additional delay in receiving results.