Manual Differential and Blood Smear Review

Automated analyzers, provide accuracy and reproducibly in the counting and sizing of the cellular components of blood. However, in our experience, no analyzer can replace the manual differential and manual review of the blood smear.

We review blood smears to find abnormalities that could not be detected by automated analyzers, such as: E.canis inclusions, hemobartonella canis, hemobartonella felis, toxic neutrophils, atypical lymphocytes, microfilaria, mast cells, abnormal RBC morphology: basophilic stippling, acanthocytes, spherocytes etc. Blood smears are prepared and reviewed on all CBCs submitted.


WBC, RBC, HCT, HGB, erythrocyte indices, platelet count, WBC differential/blood smear review, RBC morphology, WBC morphology, blood parasite screen, reticulocyte % and # when anemia is present.

Pathologist review of abnormal CBC/blood smears at no additional charge when required.